Feeding Compounds for Investment Casting

Feeding Compounds for Investment Casting

FERRUX exothermic topping materials produce a highly exothermic reaction that prevents the formation of a metal skin, allowing atmospheric pressure to act on the solidifying casting tree.

Once the exothermic reaction subsides, the topping provides superior insulation to the casting throughout solidification. FERRUX exothermic topping materials are applied immediately to the pouring cup when the casting cavity is filled.

Engineered with extraordinary sensitivity to quickly generate heat, FERRUX exothermic topping materials are also formulated to ensure minimal metallurgical contamination from tramp elements and carbon. FERRUX formulations are available for stainless steels and nickel and cobalt superalloy applications.

FERRUX exothermic topping materials provide the quality conscious investment caster with considerable improvements in terms of reliability, product quality and process efficiency and offer:

  • Consistent casting results
    • Controlled thermal properties
    • Strong exothermic reaction
    • Castings open to atmospheric pressure
    • Minimal tramp elements and carbon contaminants
  • Uniform metallurgical quality
    • Low carbon content (less than 1%)
    • Certified tramp element analysis
  • Reduced melt refining time
    • Low tramp element contamination from foundry returns

FERRUX CP5665 and FERRUX CP5292B hot topping compounds are applied to the top surface of open pouring cups and risers and are specially formulated to meet the needs of the investment caster.

FERRUX 107F hot topping is a highly exothermic low carbon riser topping for stainless steel casting applications.

FEEDEX 4 covering powder for copper base alloys prevent a premature solidification of the feeder surface due to their exothermic reaction and strong insulating residue after ignition.

FEEDOL 17 cover powders are a highly effective, quick-reacting type for brass, aluminium bronze and red brass.

FEEDOL covering powder for light alloys prevent a premature solidification of the feeder surface due to their exothermic reaction and strong insulating residue after ignition.

FEEDEX HD1 Powder is a high quality anti-piping compound supplied in powder form with low levels of lead and zinc.  It is especially suited to small to medium steel investment castings where impurity levels are of paramount importance.

"Prior to our relationship with Weaver Materiel, we were purchasing riser sleeves direct from the OEM. As a stocking distributor, Weaver typically is able to deliver same or next day. OEM lead times averaged three to four weeks. With Weaver, I've been able to reduce my working inventory by about 40%."

- JD Schmidt, QA Manager, Ohio Ferrous Foundry

“Ashland Foundry & Machine Works and Weatherly Casting are grateful for the partnership in our working relationship with Weaver Materials.  Weaver has helped us maintain pricing and avoid increases in a volatile market.  Weaver has always kept us in supply of material when markets dictated shortages/allocation status.  If Weaver was not in our vendor pool daily production ability would have been negatively impacted.  Weaver is also technically able to review our foundry processes and make suggestions to either achieve a cost savings or process improvement.  I am looking forward to a continued collaboration between the Weaver team and my locations.”
- Chrissy C