HollotexFoseco offers a range of products for the construction of running and gating systems.
  • Centrifugal filter units
Centrifugal Filter Units

HOLLOTEX CFU products are highly engineered filtration devices used exclusively in the production of large ferrous castings.  The device comprises of a HOLLOTEX Refractory Centrifuge System and STELEX Ceramic Foam Filters.

The HOLLOTEX refractory centrifuge system separates contaminants from liquid metal and resists chemical erosion while the STELEX filters remove contaminants from liquid metal and reduces turbulence in the gating system.

Consequently, HOLLOTEX CFU products offer the following advantages:
• Fewer defects in large iron and steel castings
• Cleaning room and machining costs are reduced
• Machining allowances are reduced
• Castings move through the cleaning room faster reducing work in progress and shortening lead times
• Design features assure consistent filter performance
• The symmetrical designs allows the unit to be used for right or left spin
• Increased casting quality and consistency

Modular Filtration

HOLLOTEX FSt systems are  carbon-alumina ceramic foam filters in an engineered ceramic encasement. They provide highly efficient filtration and flow control for large steel castings in ceramic tile gating systems and easily adapt to various diameter ceramic gating tiles.  They are modular can be configured as required, connecting up to 3 filtration modules.