Foseco offers a wide range of products for the maintenance and relining of a variety of furnace types.

Technical support is available for recommend lining materials, installation and maintenance procedures and operating practices.

Coreless Induction Furnace

A complete range of refractory systems is available for the reline and maintenance of coreless furnaces melting or holding carbon, stainless and high alloy steels.
KELLUNDITE dry vibratable lining: a full range of neutral, spinel forming, alumina based dry linings and "topcaps" for all grades of steel. It is supplied dry to site for installation behind steel forms by immersion or former vibration. KELLUNDITE dry lining is capable of, and is enhanced by liquid sintering
MAGNAVIBE dry vibratable lining: MAGNAVIBE dry vibration refractories are magnesium oxide base products that are designed to line Coreless Induction Furnaces melting  steel and other high temperature ferrous alloys. They are also well suited to line the inductor of Channel Induction furnaces melting or holding iron."
BLU-RAM HS plastic: a granular phosphate bonded plastic for furnace capping and spouts.