Stoppers and NozzlesControl of the molten metal stream is of paramount importance when using bottom pour ladles.  Foseco offers a variety of stoppers and nozzles for steel foundries in a range of materials to suit all applications.

VISO isostatically pressed carbon bonded alumina graphite stoppers

VISO stoppers are the ideal choice for small to medium sized bottom pour steel foundry ladle applications. They offer the following characteristics:
• excellent thermal shock capabilities
• multiple use
• high temperature glaze giving excellent oxidation resistance
• argon injection version available
• range of fixing methods available

ROTOLOK Stopper Head

ROTOLOK stoppers offer the steel founder a reliable single use refractory component designed to operate even with the most aggressive steel grades. ROTOLOK stoppers offer excellent thermal shock resistance and are ideal for very large steel ladles

ROTOLOK stoppers are available in a wide range of sizes to suit most stopper support rod designs or individual ladle casting practices.

In addition, various grades of ROTOLOK stoppers are available:
ROTOLOK HR stoppers for superior erosion resistance
• Insulated ROTOLOK stoppers for enhanced protection of the metallic stopper rod
• "CVC" coated for improved opening and reduced nozzle sticking on first opening.