Self Setting Resin SystemsAlkaline-Phenolic resin systems

The FENOTEC system uses an alkaline phenolic resin binder cured with an organic liquid ester. A range of liquid hardeners designed to allow a wide range of setting times is available.

Suitable for the production of both molds and cores, FENOTEC can be used on a wide range of castings in a wide range of alloys. FENOTEC is compatible with clean dry silica sand (AFS 30 – 100) as well as chromite, olivine and zircon sands. The system also allows for the reclamation of the molding sand after casting.

FENOTEC is adaptable to all mixing methods but is ideally suited to high speed continuous mixers. Batch mixers can be used but allowances should be made for extended mixing time when selecting the required ester hardener. The high strength of FENOTEC binders means good mold strengths can be achieved at low addition rates. The products have negligible mixing fumes and low odor on casting and knock-out.

Casting surface finish is excellent without the nitrogen, sulfur or phosphorous related defects associated with the use of other binder systems.