Our TechniSand™ resin coated shell sands are specially formulated to reduce emissions, smoke and odor, while delivering the same high casting quality and productivity as conventional sands. They also significantly lower hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and free phenol. With TechniSand, you don’t have to sacrifice performance to create a better environment in your plant or in your community.

Features & Benefits

Increased Productivity

Signature Series products provide higher tensile strengths and greater uniformity than other shell sands, which leads to a long list of benefits:
• Reduced wall thickness
• Better heat transfer capabilities
• Reduced sand usage
• Shorter invest cycle times and cure times
• Higher melt points improve flowability and finish
• More uniform curing
• Better shakeout properties

Reduced Scrap
• Reduced lamination and peelback defects
• Greater core strength for reduced breakage
• Lower Loss On Ignition for fewer gas defects

Reduced Hazardous Air Pollutants and Smoke
• The first resin-coated sand product specifically designed to reduce free phenol emissions
• Neozien Technology additive eliminates ammonia odor
• Signature Series Gold product reduces HAPs, free formaldehyde, and free phenols even more