Foseco has joined forces with its engineering partner, Pro Service Srl, to offer its customers state-of-the-art coating application control technology.  The Coating Preparation Plant (CPP) automates coating preparation from the as-supplied product to material with the proper density to deliver the required wet layer thickness.  Since density is directly related to the applied solids content in the coating product, application consistency is lifted to a new quality level.

The equipment consists of a mixing and storage tank for the coating paste, an automatic coating preparation tank and a coating dipping tank or catch tray.

The CPP is designed to accommodate a wide range of application methods including spray, dip and overpour and can be connected to all major packaging systems from drums to bulk silos.

The CPP can be configured to work automatically,  manually or intermittently.  Sedimentation problems can be overcome by periodic homogenization of the coating in the preparation and dipping tanks.

Benefits of the CPP include:
• optimal layer thickness
• consistent layer thickness across operators, coating stations and shift patterns
• removal of specific casting defects, e.g. veining or scabbing
• improved scrap rate
• improved productivity
• reduced casting manufacturing costs
• improved efficiency on coating application / reduced coating consumption
• improved traceability and quality control
• improved profitability
• reduced coating dumping costs, especially when combined with water disinfection treatment
• optimized drying
• fewer scrap cores/molds
• improved working environment – HSE aspects when handling solvent based coatings