KapexFERRUX anti-piping compounds

FERRUX hot toppings are exothermic insulating anti-piping compounds for covering open steel risers that improve feeder performance and minimize skull formation.

FERRUX powders react exothermically with the liquid metal in the feeder and expand to create a highly insulating residue. Exothermically heating and then insulating the feeder head surface permits the longest possible action of atmospheric pressure on the liquid feeder metal, leading to optimal yield for the feeder and preventing secondary shrinkage cavities.

KAPEX insulating and exothermic preformed lids

KAPEX preformed lids are suitable for application to KALMIN and KALMINEX open feeders. On application, an exothermic reaction causes KAPEX to expand by as much as 200%, producing a highly insulating cover layer.

The KAPEX lid is suitable for all types of exothermic and insulating feeder sleeves and can also be applied to sand feeders. They ensure optimum feeding for all grades of steel castings and have a number of advantages over traditional powdered covers:
• dust free and very low fume
• uniform insulation across the whole feeder surface
• elimination of human error
• provides protection for the mold cavity between molding and pouring

KALBORD prefabricated, flexible boards

KALBORD flexible insulating boards are ideal for use as insulating feeders for very large steel castings, especially for feeders with a diameter > 500 mm.

KALBORD prevents an early skin formation in the feeder and the metal surface in the feeder shows a uniform flat sinking.

Supplied in mat form for on-site assembly, KALBORD overcome the problems of stock control and storage of very large feeder sleeves.

Breaker Cores

Selection of the correct design and type of breaker core is an integral part of optimization of feed performance and cleaning productivity.

Application of the correct breaker core KALMINEX sleeves can reduce the contact area between feeder and casting by as much as 75%, significantly reducing or even eliminating expensive fettling operations.