In today's market, many metal casters consider the use of ceramic gating components necessary for the production of quality castings and ICP is the leader in this industry. Our products for metal casting include ceramic strainer cores, runner tubes, fittings, pouring cups and many special gating pieces.

The use of ceramic gating components for steel castings is now a widely acknowledged method to improve castings and ICP continues to break new ground on quality of ceramics for this market. Not only do these components withstand thermal shock and high temperatures, but recent innovations also include a spall resistant tube that has been used successfully in some of the largest castings poured.

ICP does not stop with just good products. It is a committed belief that product and service are equal partners in any successful company and we pride ourselves on both. Our personnel are aware that our future depends on our customers and they have been trained to be both knowledgeable and courteous. We appreciate the trust that current customers place in us and would like to be given a chance to talk with any foundry on the advantages of using our gating components.