Dycote DuraStandard DYCOTE mold coatings

DYCOTE permanent mold coatings are recognised in the industry for their robust life and flexibility in application.  They provide:

Fewer defects, because they produce carefully controlled surface characteristics that promote proper mold filling and release.
Increased productivity, by protecting and insulating the mold through a long life cycle, requiring relative less downtime.
Improved quality, because control of the mold surface is key to managing the metallurgical properties and surface finish of non-ferrous permanent mold castings.

DYCOTE permanent mold coatings are blends of insulating and/or lubricating refractory materials with inorganic binders. They are formulated to meet a wide variety of performance and production requirements such as insulation, durability, surface texture and lubricity.

Supplied in a concentrated liquid or paste-like form, DYCOTE permanent mold coatings are easily diluted with water to provide the consistency required by individual foundries.

Foseco’s DYCOTE range of mold coatings are suitable for gravity and low pressure diecasting of aluminum and other non ferrous alloys. They offer a range of benefits including:
• controlled insulation;
• excellent adhesion;
• easy release of the casting from the mold;
• full filling of thin sections;
• good casting finish;
• protection of the surface of the mold ensuring longer mold life;
• ease of application;
• ease of mixing and remixing.

DYCOTE DURA long-life mold coatings

DYCOTE DURA coatings are a range of two-part mold coatings with a novel binder system and are available in a range of grain sizes to meet the different casting, surface finish and insulation requirements.

They are specially designed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity in aluminum gravity mold applications and has been developed to work with standard mixing equipment and spray guns.

The novel binder system of DYCOTE DURA mold coatings enhances the adhesive characteristics and erosion strength of the coating and an increase in lifetime by a factor of three is frequently possible.

Thus DYCOTE DURA coatings offer a number of benefits over traditional mold coatings:
• less downtime
• reduced shotblasting frequency, thereby prolonging mold life
• lower labor requirements for mold preparation and shot blasting
• reduced coating and shotblast material consumption
• stable insulation over the life of the coating
• more consistent surface finish and improved casting definition

The preferred application environment for DYCOTE DURA is for long, continuously running casting campaigns.