SPUNCOTE are specialist products formulated to provide a permeable coating with very low gas evolution for the centrifugal casting process. They can also assist metal flow and promote easier stripping of the finished casting.

Refractories and Tools

REFKON 780 Coating

REFKON 780 premium water based refractory coating is for use on refractory and metal surfaces that contact virtually any non-ferrous alloy, including aluminum, copper, or zinc. It prevents dross buildup and prolongs the life of equipment and refractories.

REFKON 780 coating can be used to coat plunging and skimming tools, ladles, launders, furnace linings, ingot molds, thermocouple tubes, and other metal contact surfaces.

• Water based
• Non-flammable
• Non-wetted by molten metals
• Provides protection up to 3000°F
• Prevents iron contamination of the molten metal from tools, ladles, and molds