KapexFEEDOL Hot Topping Compound

FEEDOL exothermic powders are used as anti-piping compounds to improve feeding efficiency. They are applied to the surface of risers on aluminum and copper base castings to reduce heat loss to the atmosphere and extend solidification time.

FEEDOL 9 compound is the correct choice for all aluminum alloys. It is a highly sensitive and strongly exothermic material producing a rigid crust and so utilising an air gap to increase insulation value during the latter stages of the solidification process.

FERRUX 746 Hot Topping Compound

FERRUX 746 hot topping is an exothermic/insulating, low density, highly efficient riser topping for copper based castings providing good flowability, good expansion, and good heat retention.
FERRUX 746 exothermic/insulating riser topping compound spreads quickly and evenly over the entire molten metal surface, without raking. Little smoke is generated during the exothermic reaction as the compound expands to more than twice its original thickness. The resulting highly efficient insulating cover remains soft and non-cracking, maintaining maximum insulation as it follows the riser head metal down during solidification.


FERRUX 746 hot topping compound provides the following advantages:
• Excellent flowability – for complete coverage
• Excellent insulating properties
• Good heat output – to minimize chill
• Low fume evolution
• Consistency of performance
• Ease of use
• Economy of application
• Low level of contaminents