CruciblesFoseco can now offer the foundryman a complete range of silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles, retorts and other specialized shapes for use in fuel fired, induction and electric resistance furnaces:


ENERTEK crucibles are a new family of energy efficient crucibles that have been formulated and manufactured to offer the most thermally efficient crucible for holding molten aluminum.

They are available in most standard shapes and capacities and can be fitted to the majority of crucible furnaces without any changes to current practice. ENERTEK crucibles are most suited to aluminum holding applications, particularly electrically heated furnaces but they can also be used effectively in gas fired furnaces.

ENERTEK crucibles can also in some instances be used for melting furnace applications where it offers both energy savings and reductions in melting times.

The highest quality refractory materials have been selected and formulated to maximise thermal conductivity and to withstand the effects of use and aging.  State of the art manufacturing ensures high quality and high consistency of performance.

The key benefits of ENERTEK crucibles are:
• reduced energy required during holding
• minimal increase in thermal resistance over time
• maximised life time energy savings
• reduced greenhouse footprint

KING-CARB crucibles

KING-CARB crucibles are isostatically pressed carbon bonded silicon carbide, providing excellent thermal conductivity and wear resistance to non-ferrous metals. They are designed for electric resistance, induction and fuel fired applications.

TERCOD crucibles

TERCOD crucibles feature a carbon bonded silicon carbide composition. They have been the “industry standard” for silicon carbide crucibles since 1917. These spun crucibles have a low coefficient of thermal expansion and will provide excellent resistance to thermal shock.


Premium quality, isostatically pressed crucibles for low temperature applications with good thermal conductivity and chemical attack resistance. Ideally suited for the melting and holding of aluminum as well as other low temperature applications.

DIAMANT Universal

Premium quality, isostatically pressed crucibles with good thermal conductivity.
Suitable for a wide range of applications including:
• melting/holding of copper alloys
• melting of aluminum in flame-fired furnaces
• precious metals
• zinc distillation

DIAMANT Super Rapid and Super Rapid Special

Rotational moulded clay graphite crucibles with very good thermal, mechanical shock and chemical attack resistance.
Suitable for a range of applications including:
• melting and holding of copper alloys
• precious metals
A Special version is available for lower temperature applications.


Isostatically pressed crucibles with very high electric resistivity. Specially designed for use in high frequency and/or high power induction furnaces.


Isostatically pressed, carbon bonded crucibles with very low electric resistivity. Ideally suited for use in low- and medium frequency induction furnaces.

Crucible accessories

Crucible furnace accessory products also available include:
• pedestal blocks
• monolithic refractories for back-up and furnace repair
• covers