MTSMetal Treatment Station (MTS) one-step automated treatment system.

By using the MTS System (Metal Treatment Station) aluminum melts can be completely and automatically treated in one step. While degassing with the proven FDU technology, all required treatment agents can be added at pre-set levels.

A full range of fluxes branded COVERAL MTS has been specifically formulated for use with the MTS 1500 unit. This range includes cleaning/drossing, sodium modifying, grain refining and gassing. The latest development in the range is an agent for removing alkali and earth alkali elements from molten aluminum, helping foundries to replace chlorine treatments.

The Metal Treatment Station provides:

Metallurgical benefits:
• consistent mechanical properties
• improved metal cleanliness
• reproducible results

Operational benefits:
• fewer emissions
• reduced temperature loss
• minimum operator involvement

Economic benefits:
• reduced consumables requirement
• minimized aluminum loss
• low labor requirement

MTS 1500 technology is available for most of the MDU designs; the machine can be equipped with either one or two hoppers for treatment products.

MDU Rotary Degassing Equipment

MDU degassing units are an automated metal treatment system for the environmentally-friendly degassing and cleaning of aluminum and copper alloys.

MDU units use the impeller principle with a patented rotor which creates fine inert gas bubbles and mixes them with the melt. These fine bubbles are distributed homogenously throughout the melt without disturbing the surface, maximizing the contact area between the inert gas and the melt. The effectiveness of the Foseco MDU means that higher levels of degassing and cleaning can be achieved and treatment times can be reduced.

A range of sizes and designs of machines are available to suit the needs of the individual foundry.

• lower hydrogen levels
• reproducible results
• efficient melt cleaning
• improved casting surface finish
• reduction of hard inclusions in castings
• reduced machining costs
• increased tensile strength of castings
• weldable pressure castings
• environmentally friendly process
• better elongation