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ALSPEK H Hydrogen Sensor Equipment

Robust, portable and easy to use sensors for the direct measurement of hydrogen in aluminum alloys.

ALSPEK H is a range of devices for the direct measurement of hydrogen concentration in aluminum alloys. It is built around an innovative electrochemical sensor that is capable of the rapid and real-time measurement of hydrogen.  The ALSPEK H range of devices enable the foundry to monitor the melt quality and to report this data for quality control purposes.

ALSPEK H is designed for extended quality control and certification purposes as well as to control the MDU degassing process using pre-set minimum or maximum hydrogen levels.
• Spot measurements
• Continuous measurements
• Touch screen
• Up to 17 days data logging
• Data transfer options

ALSPEK H Multi can record data from up to 4 different sensors. It is mainly designed to measure hydrogen levels in holding / casting furnaces for high-quality castings.
• WLAN or LAN connection to sensors
• Battery powered sensor operations
• Up to 50 m distance between sensor and receiver

ALSPEK H Mini is a compact design which enables the operator to carry it within the foundry. It is suitable for spot measurement in both holding and melting furnaces.
• Comfortable display
• Single button operation to save data
• Input operation for batch numbers
• Data transfer via USB or memory card

ALSPEK H PC is a compact analyser designed to perform Process Control of melt treatments. As such it needs to be integrated inside our MDU or MTS 1500 control panels and connected to the PLC.  It will monitor hydrogen levels until the (pre-set) desired Hydrogen level is reached and will inform operators before ending the treatment cycle.
• 5.5” Color touchscreen display unit
• Front panel mounting
• 2 adjustable Hydrogen alarm levels
• USB / Ethernet connection

Other Equipment

Other equipment is available for testing of aluminum melts, including
• thermal analysis