CoveralCOVERAL fluxes are suitable for covering, cleaning and drossing applications in aluminum foundries. They reduce oxide formation and build-up on furnace walls, help to remove non-metallics from the melt, reduce the aluminum content of dross and facilitate removal of dross.

A wide range of chemical fluxes is available in powder and granular form for manual or MDU application. Granular fluxes are dust free and more effective than powder fluxes, allowing addition rates to be reduced. For MTS application, COVERAL MTS fluxes must be used.
• High recovery
• Reduced dross volume and associated disposal costs
• Reduced furnace wall oxide build-up
• Low cost per application
• Reduced oxide formation
• Non-metallics removed from melt
• Reduced melt loss
• Clean furnace walls
• Fast acting
• Products for all alloys, furnaces and temperatures

Granular vs Powder

COVERAL fluxes are available in granular or conventional powder form. The premium granular COVERAL GR fluxes are preferentially used instead of compositionally similar powder fluxes because their individual components are manufactured into single granules, allowing for a more homogeneous distribution of the active ingredients during application. The improved homogeneity allows the product to be used with greater efficiency. Furthermore, the larger particles greatly minimize dust and smoke evolution.
• Improved homogeneity and efficiency
• Negligible smoke
• Reduced fume
• Virtually odor free
• Minimizes dust

Cleaning Fluxes

Cleaning fluxes are designed to remove non-metallics from the melt by trapping the oxide particles as they float out.   Products are available in powder, granular, and MTS form for a range of application temperatures.  The are also available in sodium-free, fluoride-free, sodium/calcium-free, and sodium/calcium/fluoride-free formulations.

Drossing / Covering Fluxes

Covering and drossing fluxes are used to form a molten layer to protect the melt from oxidation and hydrogen pick-up. They agglomerate the oxides and non-metallic materials in the melt, cleaning the metal and forming a good dross with very low metallic content which can easily be removed.

Products are available in powder, granular, and MTS form for a wide range of high, medium, and low application temperatures, and in sodium-free and sodium/calcium-free formulations.