Furnace Cleaning Fluxes

COVERAL 777 is a strong exothermic cleaning powder flux for brick lined or rammed aluminum melting and holding furnaces used to facilitate the removal of dross from the furnace walls. Damage to furnace walls caused by excessive scraping is avoided.

Products for the controlled introduction of gas

HYDRAL tablets are used to reintroduce a controlled amount of hydrogen gas into the melt to compensate for moderate shrinkage defects on solidification, especially where expensive modifications to the die are not practical.

COVERAL MTS 1540 is used to introduce hydrogen gas to the melt thus helping to prevent shrinkage when the casting solidifies. COVERAL MTS 1540 has been specifically designed to be used with MTS 1500, where the granulate is added directly into a melt vortex and mixed vigorously.

Benefits include:
• suitable for all types of aluminum alloys in die and low pressure die casting foundries
• dust free in use
• low fume during application into the vortex
• lower application rates than conventional tablets and powders
• efficient mixing

Fluxes for removing unwanted elements

COVERAL MTS 1591 is a fused flux for the removal of sodium, strontium, lithium, and calcium from aluminum and aluminum alloys.