FluxesFluxes for copper-based alloys are blended powders formulated to meet a wide variety of performance and production requirements. They are used to clean and protect melts, remove undesirable metallics and non-metallics, prevent fuming, and prevent dross build up on furnace walls. Each product is specially formulated to provide specific performance and production requirements.
• improved metal cleanliness
• improved metal fluidity
• improved feeding of castings
• improved mechanical properties
• reduced workplace fumes
• reduced porosity
• improved workability

Fluxes for cleaning, remelting and element removal

ELIMINAL flux is a highly oxidising agent for cleaning and removing aluminum contamination from copper alloys. It is not suitable for aluminum bronzes and only to a certain extent for manganese or silicium bronzes.

Covering fluxes

CUPREX 100 flux is a covering agent for copper alloys that provides the melt with oxidising conditions. It can be used for copper alloys containing tin and nickel such as red brass, tin bronze, lead bronze (with less than 10 % lead), phosphor bronze and copper-nickel alloys such as Monel.

CUPRIT 49 flux is a covering agent in powder form for copper and copper alloys melted under neutral conditions. It can be used on brasses, special brasses and soldering alloys

ALBRAL 2 flux is a reducing cleaning and covering flux for aluminum bronzes and special brasses containing alloying elements that are prone to oxidation such as aluminum, manganese and silicon. ALBRAL 2 produces a liquid dross on the metal surface.

Products for purging/degassing and homogenising copper melts

LOGAS 50 briquettes are used for plunging into copper and copper alloys to remove dissolved hydrogen and float out oxides.

Slag coagulants

SLAX 20 is a coagulant used for positive slag control on all copper alloys.

Specialty fluxes for electric and induction furnaces

ELEKTRO flux is a covering and cleaning agent for all copper alloys melted in electrically heated or induction furnaces. It is are especially recommended for channel induction furnaces.

ELEKTRO 1743/2 flux is a covering and slightly reducing cleaning agent for all types of alloys but especially for brass.