KalpurKALPUR for aluminum direct pour units are an efficient, productive and profitable alternative to conventional runner and gate systems

KALPUR for aluminum direct pour units eliminate the need for long runners and complicated gating systems while providing clean metal and non-turbulent mold filling. They also reduce the riser size required when compared to sand risers and may eliminate risers necessary to overcome the adverse thermal gradients created by conventional gating.

KALPUR units act as a combination pouring cup, filter, and riser. They let you pour metal directly into the mold and ensure hot metal where you need it, reducing inclusions and improving the foundry’s control of directional solidification.

Innovative KALPUR for aluminum direct pour units rewrite the rules for gates and risers.

The use of KALPUR direct pour technology provides the foundry with the quality advantages of metal filtration, while at the same time offering significant cost and productivity improvements including:
• higher yield from the simplification of running systems and hence a reduced metal requirement
• more room on the pattern plate for further castings or reduction in mold box size
• enhanced directional solidification
• less scrap, in-house and at the customer
• reduced cleaningand finishing
• reduce welding and repair
• improved surface finish
• better machinability

KALPUR for aluminum insulating pouring sleeves for aluminum applications

KALPUR for aluminum sleeves are the combination of a SIVEX FC filter with an insulating feeder sleeve.

They are used for optimising the production of aluminum castings both in sand as well as in die-casting foundries.

The purpose of most running and ingate systems in aluminum sand or die-casting foundries is to allow molten aluminum to fill the mold without any turbulence. This often leads to highly complex pouring systems and contradicts the requirements of “directional solidification”.

The highly insulating material of the feeder optimises feed performance, and if the KALPUR for aluminum sleeve is positioned correctly it can simplify a complex gating system. These two properties lead to an optimized pouring system, as the quality of the casting and potential yield are both improved. Further advantages are the reduction of fettling and the potential to either use smaller molds or increase the number of castings per mold.

KALPUR for Aluminum XP riser sleeves are reverse taper direct pouring systems for aluminum castings. When applied to automated horizontal moulding equipment, reverse taper KALPUR for aluminum riser sleeves can be molded as a ram-up, an insert or as a close over as the casting configuration and moulding equipment operational details dictate.

KALPUR direct pouring for copper

The benefits of KALPUR direct pouring can also be achieved with heavy metal castings.

KALPUR units for application in copper foundries combine insulating feeder sleeves with SEDEX ceramic foam filters.