The ECOLOTEC process offers a unique combination of environmental, metallurgical and productivity advantages, unmatched by any other high-production coremaking process. In the ECOLOTEC process, a water-soluble alkaline phenolic resin is mixed with sand and then hardened by gassing with carbon dioxide (CO2) thereby avoiding the problems of smell and emissions associated with systems containing amine and isocyanate. The need for amine scrubbers is avoided freeing up capital and floorspace.

ECOLOTEC binders are extremely clean, non-flammable water-based, resole-CO2 systems that require no scrubber system during coremaking or casting. Odor, fume and VOC emissions at coremaking, pouring and shakeout are significantly lower than with most other foundry resin processes. The absence of sulfur, nitrogen or phosphorous in ECOLOTEC binders ensures freedom from casting defects associated with these elements. In addition the potential for carbon pick-up is negligible. The levels of free phenol and free formaldehyde in ECOLOTEC binders are very low compared to other resin systems.

Cores bonded by way of the ECOLOTEC process demonstrate outstanding thermal properties and provide excellent casting quality on all alloys. Foundries using Foseco’s ECOLOTEC binder process will provide a cleaner, safer plant environment, while improving productivity and casting quality levels, and all at a lower overall cost.

The ECOLOTEC process is the most environmentally-friendly gas cured organic resin process available and offers significant environmental benefits compared to other cold box processes:
• non-flammable water based system;
• very low free phenol and formaldehyde;
• no isocyanates, peroxides or heavy metals;
• no noxious fumes on mixing, coremaking or casting;
• low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions;
• no effluent generated;
• easy to use in virtually any core or mold-making process;
• gassing times are short;
• lower applied cost;
• no gas scrubbing equipment investment or maintenance costs.