KALMIN and TEMPGARD Insulating Riser Sleeves for Aluminum Alloys

KALMIN and TEMPGARD Insulating Riser Sleeves for Aluminum Alloys

TEMPGARD Insulating Sleeves for Non-Ferrous Foundries


TEMPGARD riser sleeves are strong, low-density, tube sleeves of insulating refractory material. They are specifically designed to promote efficient feeding of sandcast aluminum and copper castings. The excellent insulation value of TEMPGARD delays solidification, keeping metal in the riser liquid longer. This allows smaller insulated risers to replace larger conventional sand-lined risers.


• Sleeve withstands rough handling and molding
• Increased casting yield
• Reduced metal treatment costs
• Reduced riser contact area
• Reduced casting cleaning costs
• Low smoke and fume
• Sleeves are easily cut to special heights


Insulating Custom Shaped riser sleeves for permanent mold aluminum casting applications


KALMIN PM riser sleeves are custom designed to fit aluminum permanent mold applications. They provide the excellent feeding characteristics of Foseco riser sleeves, superior operational efficiency and robust yield improvement.

"Prior to our relationship with Weaver Materiel, we were purchasing riser sleeves direct from the OEM. As a stocking distributor, Weaver typically is able to deliver same or next day. OEM lead times averaged three to four weeks. With Weaver, I've been able to reduce my working inventory by about 40%."

- JD Schmidt, QA Manager, Ohio Ferrous Foundry

“Ashland Foundry & Machine Works and Weatherly Casting are grateful for the partnership in our working relationship with Weaver Materials.  Weaver has helped us maintain pricing and avoid increases in a volatile market.  Weaver has always kept us in supply of material when markets dictated shortages/allocation status.  If Weaver was not in our vendor pool daily production ability would have been negatively impacted.  Weaver is also technically able to review our foundry processes and make suggestions to either achieve a cost savings or process improvement.  I am looking forward to a continued collaboration between the Weaver team and my locations.”
- Chrissy C