Ladle Linings for Investment Casting

Ladle Linings for Investment Casting

INSURAL ATL is a range of insulating ladle linings suitable for aluminium foundries. They are supplied ready for use to transport molten aluminium alloys.

INSURAL precast shapes are also manufactured for use in other aluminium contact applications.

INSURAL 700 and INSURAL 800 pastes are highly insulating mastics which are used as adhesives but can also be used for repairs, make seals or for similar tasks.

KALTEK insulating lining materials provide superior performance with respect to heat loss, energy usage, and metal quality in metal transfer vessels.

CRITERION low cement castables are ideally suited for the preparation of ladle linings for high temperature applications.

DURACRETE 85RM and 90 RAM RM are phosphate bonded, alumina based granular ramming refractories ideally suited for multi-use lining of steel ladles.

X9 PLASTER high alumina based plaster has a very fine grain size and is ideal for cracks and patch repairs of the lining.

"Prior to our relationship with Weaver Materiel, we were purchasing riser sleeves direct from the OEM. As a stocking distributor, Weaver typically is able to deliver same or next day. OEM lead times averaged three to four weeks. With Weaver, I've been able to reduce my working inventory by about 40%."

- JD Schmidt, QA Manager, Ohio Ferrous Foundry

“Ashland Foundry & Machine Works and Weatherly Casting are grateful for the partnership in our working relationship with Weaver Materials.  Weaver has helped us maintain pricing and avoid increases in a volatile market.  Weaver has always kept us in supply of material when markets dictated shortages/allocation status.  If Weaver was not in our vendor pool daily production ability would have been negatively impacted.  Weaver is also technically able to review our foundry processes and make suggestions to either achieve a cost savings or process improvement.  I am looking forward to a continued collaboration between the Weaver team and my locations.”
- Chrissy C