Precast Refractory Shapes for Non Ferrous Foundries

Precast Refractory Shapes for Non Ferrous Foundries

Typical applications include:
• Metal transport
• Low pressure permanent mold
• Dosing furnaces
• Thermocouple sheaths
• Immersion heater protection tubes
• Tilt pour basins


Metal transport


INSURAL launders and other larger shapes are used to handle relatively large quantities of metal.


Typical applications are transport ladles, pouring basins, transfer launders or filling funnels.


ZYAROCK launders are 99.5% pure fused silica and are available in a wide variety of designs. They have very good thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and are non-wetting.


CRITERION high alumina base, low moisture, low cement castables are designed to line transfer vessels for non ferrous alloys.


Feeding and gating


INSURAL 50 is produced to controlled density limits and is machined to high tolerances.


Applications include semi-permanent feeders for die-casting (e.g. pistons) and gate linings for wheel production.


Low pressure permanent mold


INSURAL upper and intermediate bushings and tubes are available in a range of dimensions and have a number of advantages:
• no need for pre-heat
• more stable mold temperature
• higher productivity due to shorter cycles
• improved working conditions
• improved feeding


INSURAL 50 extension tubes are available.


Low pressure stalk tubes are also available in a range of materials to suit individual customer requirements:

• ZYACAST cement bonded, low cost, insulating, fused silica material having good life

• ZYAROCK almost pure fused silica having very good thermal shock resistance and low thermal conductivity


Dosing furnaces

Typical components are the upper and lower filling cones, dosing tubes and launders. Products are available in a variety of materials and offer strength, insulation and reduced turbulence.

• INSURAL non-wetting, insulating refractories

• ZYAROCK almost pure fused silica having very good thermal shock resistance and low thermal conductivity


Thermocouple sheaths

Effective temperature control is an essential requirement for the modern light alloy foundry to ensure that the correct metallurgical casting conditions are maintained.


ISO Prime carbon bonded silicon carbide sheaths up to 1800mm long:
• excellent thermal shock and erosion resistance
• fast response time
• ease of attachment
• minimal wetting characteristics
• long-life

"Prior to our relationship with Weaver Materiel, we were purchasing riser sleeves direct from the OEM. As a stocking distributor, Weaver typically is able to deliver same or next day. OEM lead times averaged three to four weeks. With Weaver, I've been able to reduce my working inventory by about 40%."

- JD Schmidt, QA Manager, Ohio Ferrous Foundry

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- Chrissy C